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It’s a relaxing July day, and the Pennsylvania sun is peeking in from between your blinds, brightening the room and filling the room with a light, natural tone. Or possibly it’s the dead of night, and your neighbor’s annoyingly blazing porch lamps are completely kept out by your thick curtains, leaving you to snooze blissfully. In either scenario, your blinds and window treatments are the real heroes.When you’re looking for new blinds and window treatments, there’s an assortment of significant factors you should ponder on; what amount of light you want to let into the area, the amount of solitude the area needs, if any light let in will fall on any fabrics affected by UV rays, heating issues in the winter and Air Conditioning problems in the hot months, how often you’ll want to open or close the window, and the way that the blinds or curtains affect the decor of your home. We know it’s quite a bit to decide on, which is the reason we want to lend a hand.



For a large living room window that you regularly keep open to let in the sun, you’ll want a completely different kind of covering than for a bathroom window that you open in the daytime for warmth but close for safety at night. Giant Floor of Wilkes-Barre, Pennslyvania has materials to suit each window of each room in your home. From the light curtains for the washroom window that let light through but retain your privacy, to the vertical blinds that hang over your sliding glass door, Giant Floor has what you need. For advice and suggestions on which window covering is the wisest selection, set up an appointment for one of our in-home consultations.

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