5 Trending Area Rug Styles

5 Trending Area Rug Styles

When it comes to home decor, staying on trend can seem like a daunting and expensive task. However, if your space has good bones and you’re generally happy with your furniture, it can actually be simple to make trendy updates. Adding or replacing an area rug is a simple update that can make a big impact on the look of your space. If you’re considering using area rugs to update your home, here are 5 design styles we have our eye on for 2018:

Nod To Nature

Organic fibers and natural elements add style and interest to rooms with other natural materials and earthy colors. Look for natural tones that complement the furnishings and accessories already in your space. We also love the added interest and texture of fringe.

Global Area Rugs

Area Rugs (clockwise from top left): Divine by Nourison, Serapi by Surya, Orinocco by Surya, Aldora by Surya

Pretty in Pink

Radiating warmth and well-being, subtle tones of warm blush, dusky raspberry, and dusty pink inspire feelings of rejuvenation in 2018, with emphasis on low-key simplicity. For a more subtle pink look,there are neutral patterns with a barely blush tone. Or, go bolder with a brighter pink and plum combination.

Pink Area Rugs, Area Rug Trends

Area Rugs (clockwise from top left): Gemstone by Nourison, Odette by Couristan, Pure by Surya, Italia by Surya

A New Bohemian

Old becomes new again when earthy undertones collide with bold, brilliant jewel tones. With carpet patterns inspired by exotic cultures and far-off continents, you’ll satiate your wanderlust without ever leaving your living room!

Boho Area Rugs

Area Rugs (clockwise from top left): Phoenix by Couristan, Agostina by Surya, Moroccan Shag by Nourison, Bjorn by Surya

Sleek Scandinavian

The epitome of understated elegance expresses itself in cool color schemes, natural textures, and organic fibers – creating an understated oasis to relax and recharge. Great for neutral toned spaces and creating a relaxing environment, you won’t regret choosing one of these trending rugs.

Scandinavian Area Rugs

Area Rugs (clockwise from top left): Amore Aqua by Nourison, Glimmer by Surya, Shibori by Couristan, Pisces by Surya

Bold and Moody

Rich, saturated colors like fuchsia, deep purple, and indigo make a stunning statement on the floor. If you’re seeking a luxurious look that adds personality to your space, choose from a bold color palette of jewel tones. Area rugs are great for trying out a bold color in your space without making a more permanent commitment.

Bold Area Rugs

Area Rugs (clockwise from top left): Fruit Punch by Couristan, Dip Geo by Surya, Plaid by Surya, Maxwell by Nourison

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