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When you walk into the rooms of your home, do you feel that they lack that final Elegant flourish? If you’re looking for a simple and low-cost solution to improve your interior design, consider our beautiful wallpaper products at Giant Floors in Wilkes-Barre! You will find a wide spectrum of attractive colors, textures and designs to choose from, all at competitive prices and with their quality guaranteed. Shopping is simple with convenient catalogs online, and ordering is simple through our website or by phone. Enjoy fast delivery and optional professional installation by our home improvement experts. Find the answers to your pressing renovation questions and get great suggestions from our customer service consultants. When you want the very best wallpaper products and services, there is no retailer that compares to the star-quality of Giant Floors!



Design on a Dime With Wallpaper

If you are the type of homeowner who enjoys modern fashions but likes to remain on a budget, many of the interior design suggestions you see in home magazines may seem unattainable. Everything from pricey artwork to time-consuming, over-elaborate paint jobs can drain your funds, especially if you tend to change the look of your room often. Getting that cutting edge style can be easy, fun, and fast with the right product and the right help! Wallpaper offers a quick and cost-effective way to take a space that you find uninspired and turn it into a modern work of art. Here are a few unexpected uses for this great product:


  • Conceal places where discolored plaster has been used to fix fractures.
  • Cover strongly colored paint without exhaustive efforts with primer.
  • Trim pieces of wallpaper into flowers, stars, hearts, etc. to paste on the walls.
  • Mix and match colors or patterns to create accent walls.
  • Hide water stains or holes from wall hangers.
  • Assemble wallpaper squares to create patterned mosaics or borders.
  • Use spare strips of wallpaper to match your walls and lamps.
  • Make hallways stand out with bold colored or patterned wallpaper
  • Make bathrooms feel more classic with elegant floral patterns.
  • And much more!


With such versatility and so many possibilities, wallpaper can suit your home in any way that you can imagine! It only takes choosing the products that catch your eye and a little ingenuity on how to apply them in your home. Designing on a dime has never been easier than with our competitively priced products!



Great Service with Great Floors

Fast delivery and low prices are certainly wonderful, but when you shop with Great Floors, you are getting so much more than that. When you choose to work with our company, you get the guarantee that your products will be high quality. You have the luxury of peace of mind knowing that your new wallpaper will arrive on time, be installed flawlessly by an experienced team, and that you will be saving money every step of the way. You gain access to a surplus of incredible designs from popular manufacturers who bring new, stylish points of view to the interior design industry. Best of all, you get unmatched customer service support and trustworthy advice from people who truly know the ins and outs of home improvement.


If you want beautiful wallpaper at competitive prices in Wilkes-Barre, don’t waste hours hunting through disorganized websites and overpriced storerooms! Come to Great Floors and enjoy the benefits of working with the finest in the business.

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