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Putting off flooring repairs is like inviting more damage to your floors, but sometimes you just don’t have time to deal with the hassle of a repair crew in your home. That’s why Giant Floor is committed to fixing your flooring quickly, without ever sacrificing the quality of the repair job. We want you to get your floors fixed before the damage spreads, so we make the process as easy as possible, no matter what kind of floors you have.




When hardwood is installed, it’s usually coated with a polyurethane finish, to keep it shiny and protect it from damage. This finish seals out moisture, dust, and adds an extra layer of protection against UV rays, as well as providing a buffer between the hardwood and anything that would scratch or scrape it. When that protective layer is damaged or breached, it opens a path for more damage to occur. Moisture, the mortal enemy of hardwood, can get in through the hole. This can cause mildew, warping, and other more serious issues with your hardwood. Giant Floor can fix moisture and mildew issues if caught in time, although your best option is to call us in to fix any damage to the hardwood finish before it spreads.



Although the soft, comfortable qualities of carpet can often be worth a little extra maintenance, there are times when its vulnerability to damage can really start to become a burden. This is especially apparent when stretching from improper installation, the movement of heavy furniture, or even just heavy traffic starts to form. Those little bumps can easily turn into big bumps, which can turn into hard to repair rips and tears. Having Giant Floor in to restretch the carpet and solve the issue before it gets worse can save you a mountain of stress and a good chunk of cash in the long run.



Glazed ceramic or porcelain tile are two of the most durable flooring options that you can choose from for your home, but no flooring material is completely impervious to the damage that life can inflict.Tiles that crack or chip create a fragile spot in the floor, and continuing to walk on it without having it repaired virtually guarantees more cracking. The sharp bits at the edges can be dangerous to children or pets, and broken tiles are never attractive. Natural stone tile is similar in that it has a lot of strength to it, but the porous nature of some stones makes it vulnerable to staining. Allowing stains to sit and set in also allows any acids to eat at the stone, weakening it and making it more susceptible to other forms of damage. Considering the huge investment that tile floors can be, you’ll definitely want to keep them in good condition for as long as possible, and that requires having repairs done as soon as damage becomes apparent.


And so much more! So before your floors start to crumble beneath your feet, or at least before guests notice the blemish, let Giant Floor come in and repair the damage. You’ll be glad you came to the experts. Click Here for Location and Hours

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